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books by suess karlsson dye

 i write because the words burn inside my mind. i write to fulfill the desire of my heart.

someone must give voice to the stories, the truths, the fantasy, the light & the darkness that bubbles within. 

i said yes to be that someone. i invite you to read. to imagine. to explore. to delve. 

i invite you to lose yourself in my stories. i invite you to find yourself.









My Best Ever Bed Series

Children love horses! This is just # 1 in the BEDtime Series. Send your child off to sleep with visions of beautiful horses! Horses of all colors... all sizes. Horses playing in the ocean, running barrels in a rodeo, competing in a costume show, winning a race, and SO much more. Beautiful images combine with a story that will engage even the youngest children. 

Will Not Back Down From Cancer

 This book describes my feeling when diagnosed with cancer, as a partner book to the Relentless Hope Journals.  I look at how cancer, faith and dismay live together as I share my own journey of living a faith life with cancer.  This is not a “woe is me” I have cancer book. This is a book about faith and emotions felt living with Stage 4 Lymphoma/Leukemia. I declared early in my journey that I was not dying from cancer. I determined I would live with relentlessHOPE. I decided I would be one who prays I Will Not Back Down From Cancer.

Cancer is no respecter of people. Everyone is on its list of potential hosts. However, cancer is limited. relentlessHOPE journals provide the creative space needed to diminish its power by focusing on our hopes, dreams & desires. If you or a loved one are forced to live with cancer, this journal will carry you through. Created by a cancer survivor, who understands the journey. 

Fireflies for the Heart

Want to be a success?  Learn from 100+ people that already are. Co-written by Ginny Dye, Sandi Valentine and Suess Karlsson, these true life stories reveal triumphs over tough obstacles allowing the person to fully enjoy a life they'd once only dreamed

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