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Relentless Hope journals are for anyone living with cancer – created by Suess, a cancer survivor who understands the journey.   If you have begun this journey, this journal will help carry you through.


The Relentless Hope Journal is an excellent GIFT to give to someone recently diagnosed, to one who has relapsed, or to a cancer warrior who is journeying a 2nd or 3rd time with cancer.


With the Relentless Hope Journals you will find questions to answer, memories to share, a place to write your dreams as well as your questions. A simple exercise leads you in developing your own power statement.

Cancer has power, but we can choose our response.


We can choose to fight it with joy & hope.The journal pages provide over 300 LINED or UNLINED pages of space for customization.

Your scribbling. Your doodles. Your emotions.

Your beliefs & thoughts


    My desire for you is the same, if you or your loved one is forced to live with cancer, that life will be lived with relentlessHOPE!


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relentlessHOPE: A Journal For Living With Cancer

  Lined Versions

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