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         Suess Dye



     hey welcome to my writing & speaking home.

this website & blog reflects me, my writings & i assume that you want to learn

more about me. never truly certain there is much that others want to know

about me; however, i was instructed to write a "bio" and here it is. 

i have travelled more than most people & the experiences of moving almost 30 times...including 5 US states -Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Florida, & Washington plus moving to & living in Sweden, Canada & Mexico and learning three languages ( English, Swedish & Spanish ) means i must freely laugh at

my many mistakes in navigating unfamiliarities in both languages & cultures. 


you will find i do not like capital letters in my writing.

i like cuss words - a helluva lot! 

so be forewarned if you are more sensitive in nature.

i write free verse poetry. . .& feel most creative when writing.

i read a large portion of a book every day.

i love to cook & then i love to eat. i'm 95% vegan. . .

with an occasion egg & sprinkle of cheese thrown in.

i've trained quarter horses, worked at animal shelters & dog kennels, owned weight loss clinics, traveled the US as a public speaker, been a hotel maid & grocery store janitor, given birth to three amazing kiddos who now

live around the world, watched someone i love die

& i've endured over 25 surgeries.  

i took over 2 1/2 years of chemo for cancer & lived!


i thrive on wide, open spaces with blue skies, sunshine on my face and warm breezes. my honoring of the sacred looks suspiciously like hiking.

pausing on a rugged black stone & closing my eyes to the world,

i experience my prayers to the sacred by sitting,

pausing to listen to the rustle of tree limbs, hearing faint whispers of a birds chirp

and feeling of the dark soil under my feet.  


i almost always listen to my music on "shuffle" with a wide range

of favorite artists... PINK, Lady Gaga, Natalie Merchant, Gin Wigmore,

Sarah McLachlan, Rodrigo & Gabriela, Mouth of Babes,

LP, Mariachi Divas, Melissa Etheridge & Jazzmeia Horn are my current go-to's!

i'm highly interested in lqbtqia++ issues & a very proud married lesbian!

( jump over to my wife's page, ginny dye, to read how fantastic she is! )

thanks for dropping in & reading! 

glad to have you! drop me a message if you have questions!



click here to see books by ginny & suess dye 

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